Our Story

Hello and welcome to our shop! 

After years and years of buying overpriced boring smart watch bands, my daughters and I set out to find a way to make comfortable–stylish–bands available to everyone. 

The traditional bands we purchased would often irritate my youngest daughter's skin, and cause chafing. Most importantly on our list of “musts,” was finding a design that appealed to her playful nature, but was also comfortable for her to wear during soccer training and at bed time. After lots of trial and error, we found the softest, lightweight silicone bands. In fact, we call them our “barely there” bands! These bands are so comfortable, we often forget we’re even wearing them. 

There are too many basic smart watch bands on the market. For our designs, we wanted to offer a unique, speaks volumes without speaking type of smart watch band. It needed to be something that fit not just our wrists, but our personalities too! Through our band designs, we are able to support some of the artists we admire and love.

Based in Washington, we are a three-gals family run business. We know the importance of providing not just a beautiful product, but a QUALITY product at a price that fits everyone's budget. It is our goal to continue to offer a quality smart watch band that exceeds your expectations.

We hope you can find a band or two to fit not just your wrist, but your personality too!